• Warrior, 2012
  • Captain, 2011

You are as great as the passion you express, and the courage you walk in every step.

-- Charlotte Greenwood --

My goal with this project, is to create an artistic contribution to the world, that is a reflection and celebration of the story that each one of us has to share, by creating a portrait of each person who shares their story. With this collection of portraits and stories, I will make a book, an autobiography of my life, told by the multitude of fascinating people I have met so far, whilst living it. Each drawing is a mark of my appreciation for each person, their differences, and their contributions to my life. I want the drawings to encourage moments of quiet contemplation, of reflection, discussion and interaction, as this is what they stimulate in myself whilst I am drawing them, and when they are complete. For me, having appreciation of someone, is to have an understanding and an enjoyment of their qualities and distinctions, which is what makes us all unique. Like each person, each portrait exists as a unique portrayal of that person, as a visual representation of the unique way each of us see and experience each other. Only one portrait, only one vision, only one: YOU. I think this is what is special, and valuable about the human experience, and also what is special and valuable about art.

As a way of representing this notion of uniqueness, I am calling the book YOU, because the autobiography is not just about me, it’s about the story within us all, which becomes who we are. The Book will also contain written content about each person who I illustrate, about how they see themselves, without referring to their physical appearance, an important story they have lived which they would like to share with the world, what they have achieved in their life already, what they learned from these accomplishments, and a bit about how they know me, and a memory they have of a time we shared together.

YOU is a tribute to connecting with people, to observation, to appreciation, to the journey we call life, and to sharing real live experiences with other human beings, creatively and actively in the present moment. It is a story told by 100 people, from over twenty nationalities, and over more than twenty years.

The drawings on the website are the ones that have already been completed. If you would like to know how you can become part of this project, please send me an email


Graphite on archival paper, 14″ x 11″, 2012-2016

Making Of