Courage in one hand, vanquish in the other,
Boldly stride, warrior, go forth and discover,
With honor in your heart, bearing it tall,
Fear is for no one who conquers them all.

-- Charlotte Greenwood --

This self portrait cleared the first line of selection in the BP National Portrait Competition in 2012, in London, UK. It was one of 300 portrait paintings, selected out of over 2,200 international entries that year. Only 55 were selected for the final exhibition.
It was painted over 300 hours, by being face to face with “Me” in a mirror, set up in my studio.

“Me”, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 78″, 2011


“Me”, monochromatic underpainting, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 78″, 2011

Autoportrait – monochrome

Making Of

This was done, with blood, sweat and paint.