June 2015

Imaginary Chaos complete!

You – Gabriel

Thank you Gabriel!
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Thank you Gabriel Harbour for your commission and contribution to my current project: “YOU”, a visual autobiography, illustrated by me and told by you, the people that have marked my life, so far.
This project is a celebration of people, and the stories each of us have to share. It is an example of how people are connected over a lifetime. It will be a special collection of portraits, with written content from each person featured in the collection. The body of work will be edited together into a book, and the original drawings will be shown in an exhibition.

To get involved in the project and place commissions, contact me by clicking this link

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Antique Cars- The making of “Red Lynx (1934)”

“Red Lynx (1934)”, was part of a three oil painting commission of antique cars, from an antique car enthusiast in Sevenoaks, UK.
It was a great opportunity to use the “seven Layer technique” used by the Flemish Masters in the 16th century. I felt this technique fitted well with the context of the antique subject matter.
The technique involves painting a complete under painting, in monochrome, to establish the “light” in the painting. Then to slowly build up the color intensity in transleuscent layers, adding the final highlights at the end. This is how the effect of hyper-realism and such rich color is created.
Paintings made in this fashion, will last over 100 years. Quality artworks. I felt privileged to have this commission.

Click here to see the whole collection: this link

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